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It's easy to find opportunities if you know where to look

BondWave helps your firm improve communication between fixed income specialists and advisors, deepen relationships between advisors and their clients, and provide strategic intelligence to give you the competitive edge. Our products are flexible, intuitive and can be customized to meet your firm's unique requirements.

Fixed Income Solutions for the Modern Age

DeskView is designed for Bond Liaisons, the Trading Desk or Other Fixed Income Specialists

DeskView provides integrated tools for portfolio proposals, trade opportunity mining, strategy-based investing, automated monitoring and reporting.


RepView is designed for Advisors or Registered Reps

RepView provides important fixed income account information to advisors or reps with a graphical, easy-to-use interface.


Product Overview

RepView seamlessly utilizes BondWave’s DeskView solution as the underlying platform and data warehouse for accounts, holdings, ratings information and other bond intelligence data. The trading desk can also use DeskView features to send reports, proposals and other communications to the RepView interface. Working together, the two products enhance communications and services between the trading desk and the advisor.

BondWave Solution Overview

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