Benefits by Role

BondWave was built to benefit professionals like you. Our customized solutions make life easier for traders, advisors, supervisors—every type of user.

Benefits to the Firm

Every group in your firm will get value from the seamless experience BondWave delivers. For example, users will appreciate that both content and entitlements are fully customizable, and that our shared views encourage a truly dynamic level of collaboration.

Your firm will also benefit from advances in:

Supervisory support

  • Now you can monitor exposure, bond events, and cash flow events across the entire firm, or at the branch level
  • Reporting is automated, ensuring reliable creation, delivery, and archiving of periodic reviews

Compliance support

  • BondWave’s customizable Prevailing Market Price (PMP) calculation engine supports mark-up disclosure and best execution
  • Reports, correspondence, and proposals are automatically archived
  • You can manage default settings, disclosures, and branding across all reports and correspondence
  • Our Correspondence tool leverages your existing email compliance procedures

Benefits to the Trader

Traders who use BondWave solutions are the traders who are growing their fixed income business—while also building strong relationships with advisors in the field. Why? Because BondWave tools so effectively identify new, high quality trading opportunities, all day, every day. At the same time, our tools enable continuous connections with the field, elevating service and empowering communication.

Traders also benefit from:

  • Seamless, highly efficient, customized trading ideas
  • The ultimate in pre-trade price confidence, mark-up insights and best execution
  • In-depth, wide-ranging and thorough analysis of transactions and positions
  • A comprehensive overview of exposure, bond and cash flow events transparently across the firm, region or branch
  • Full privacy and control of all holdings data and trading activity

Benefits to the Advisor

BondWave solutions give advisors impressive ways to differentiate their business—everything from offering industry-leading price confidence to providing an advanced level of individual bond services versus the competition.

Advisors also can:

  • Gain a clear and comprehensive view of every position, exposure, and event impacting their clients’ accounts
  • Leverage BondWave’s insights to attract held-away assets from existing clients
  • Use our analytical and communications tools and massive data resources to upgrade and deepen client relationships

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