BondWave Announces Enhancements to Effi™, its Engine for Fixed Income

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Effi upgrades provide improved transparency and increased efficiency through enhanced data and workflow features

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WHEATON, IL, October 15, 2019 – BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, today announced several enhancements to its Effi™ platform, expanding both content and functionality for all users. The latest enhancements offer users new levels of transparency and insights underpinned by objective data science and emerging technology.

Effi enables fixed income traders, advisors and investors to evaluate transaction costs, service and monitor accounts, as well as identify and communicate targeted trade ideas. The newest features help drive more informed client interactions, while enhancing firms’ abilities to analyze, manage, and grow their bond business.

Key Effi enhancements include:

  • Effi Markets

    Seamlessly connected with Effi Proposals, the new Effi Markets page provides users with access to indicative liquidity, providing the ability to view, filter and select current bids and offers then quickly add them to a Proposal and communicate relevant trade ideas.

  • Effi Proposal Manager

    The new Effi Proposal Manager provides traders with a one-stop view of all active proposals and status changes. The tool helps users monitor and analyze outstanding proposals, providing a streamlined multi-account view with actionable insights to help firms better understand their trading strategies.

  • Effi Price Alerts

    Enhanced functionality now notifies users of price changes for account positions. Users can set one-day, one-week or one-month alerts for positive and negative changes. Powered by an enhanced interface, Effi Alerts provides a streamlined transition from Alerts-to-Affected Accounts and Positions-to-Proposal Creation.

  • Trade Oversight Reports

    Effi users are now able to filter and check one or more trades in the Trade Oversight page to generate targeted reports from the Actions menu. The Trade Analysis Report provides insightful analytics to help answer business questions, while the Trade Details Report supports regulatory audits.

“Fixed income investing means making informed and intelligent choices on millions of possibilities, each having unique implications. Even the most basic transactions can be filled with complexities and burdened with risk. The latest Effi enhancements provide additional content and functionality, making it easier for our users to understand their business and support critical regulatory requirements,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave. “These developments underscore our commitment to embracing advanced data science and emerging technologies to help advance the fixed income markets,” noted Ruvo.

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About BondWave LLC

Founded in 2001, BondWave is a financial technology company specializing in fixed income solutions. We serve a wide range of customers, from small independent RIAs to some of the largest broker-dealers and custody providers in the financial services industry. Traders, portfolio and asset managers, advisors and compliance professionals use our tools to provide a superior fixed income experience to their clients while supporting critical compliance mandates.

Effi™, our Engine for Fixed Income, is the single platform through which we deliver all our solutions, including analytics and reporting, monitoring, trade opportunity mining, proposal generation, mark-up disclosure and oversight, best execution tools, and transaction cost analysis (TCA). BondWave leverages advanced data science and technologies to develop proprietary data that fuels our innovative solutions. We are agnostic to the liquidity pool or execution venue, so we can provide unbiased analytics that help our clients find the best bonds for their customers.

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