BondWave Launches Intuitive Proposals Tool for the Fixed Income Desk

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Effi evolves to help traders & liaisons streamline workflow, drive activity and boost situational awareness

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WHEATON, IL, May 6, 2019 – BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today the launch of its Effi Proposals tool. Empowering fixed income participants to generate customized proposals across multiple accounts at one time, Effi’s Proposals tool helps users identify, customize, communicate and efficiently drive fixed income transactions.

The Effi Proposals tool streamlines proposal creation, making trade ideas actionable system-wide, and is designed to aid in the swift communication of fixed income trade ideas while seamlessly connecting trading desks with advisors. The tool also enables fixed income specialists to identify trade opportunities and create consistent, accurate and detailed proposals. With Proposals, liquidity for a buy or swap opportunity can originate from any trading partner or offering source. Key features and benefits include:

  • Identify candidates: Proposals starts with an ad hoc or saved search that quickly identifies viable buy, sell or swap candidates. Effi makes virtually any conceivable search possible across all customer accounts and positions. Proposals can also be initiated from positions identified by the Alerts functionality in Effi.
  • Create proposals: Effi produces account-specific information and detailed trade statistics for each candidate. The account-specific trades are aggregated in the trades section to help the trading desk identify and execute block trades. Unique proposals can then be immediately generated based on those results.
  • Communicate ideas: When the proposal has been published, Effi’s powerful Correspondence tool sends out the final product, which includes the proposal and system-generated reports for each account along with background information, commentary or analytics. Effi also provides a continually-updated archive of all correspondence and proposals sent from the system.
  • Track feedback: Feedback links can be included in the proposal, allowing advisors to record their decision directly into Effi with just a click, providing trading desks with the ability to assess effectiveness of their proposals.

“Fixed income participants are continuously evolving their technology to meet the changing demands of the market,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave. “Our Effi Proposals tool is a natural extension of that ongoing evolution. Fixed income specialists now have the power to make trade ideas actionable system-wide through an intuitive and seamless workflow platform,” noted Ruvo.

For more information on BondWave’s Effi™ Proposals tool, please visit or contact

About BondWave LLC

Founded in 2001, BondWave is a financial technology company specializing in fixed income solutions. We serve a wide range of customers, from small independent RIAs to some of the largest broker-dealers and custody providers in the financial services industry. Traders, portfolio and asset managers, advisors and compliance professionals use our tools to provide a superior fixed income experience to their clients while supporting critical compliance mandates.

Effi™, our Engine for Fixed Income, is the single platform through which we deliver all our solutions, including analytics and reporting, monitoring, trade opportunity mining, proposal generation, mark-up disclosure and oversight, best execution tools, and transaction cost analysis (TCA). BondWave leverages advanced data science and technologies to develop proprietary data that fuels our innovative solutions. We are agnostic to the liquidity pool or execution venue, so we can provide unbiased analytics that help our clients find the best bonds for their customers. Additional information is available at

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