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December 2018

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On the regulatory front, all eyes are on disclosure in 2019
12/26/2018: The municipal market faces a year of adjustment as regulators slow the pace of new rulemaking and focus on enforcement, with an emphasis on continuing disclosure…Bondwave CEO Michael Ruvo said 2019 will likely see a “recalibration” of the best execution processes. The industry is becoming increasingly science and data-driven, he said, a trend he sees continuing in 2019…“Navigating 2019, fixed income traders will continue to hang up their legacy tool-sets as they harness emerging quantitative and algorithmic tools to drive deeper market insights and more efficient trading,” Ruvo wrote.
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BondWave 2019 Fixed Income Industry Outlook
12/21/2018: A confluence of factors combined during the past year, which together fueled the expansion of the fixed income industry in 2018. Among the most important of these were; rising interest rates; regulatory-driven market structural changes; improved access to data; application of quantitative methods to bond trading; and advances in technology.
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