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December 2020

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Is it Time for a Reg NMS for Bonds?
12/22/2020: TabbFORUM
Is enhanced pre-trade transparency the logical next step for the bond market? Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave, explores this question, using the evolution of the equities market as a benchmark. He asks, given the current climate and abundance of data, if the time is ripe for a Reg NMS for bonds: Has that “time finally come?”
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Friday Newsletter logo linking to The Bond Buyer podcast, What of Pre-Trade Price Transparency
Bond Buyer logo linking to the podcast titled, What of Pre-Trade Price Transparency
What of Pre-Trade Price Transparency
12/18/2020: Corporate Bond Friday Newsletter
12/17/2020: The Bond Buyer
Michael Ruvo, President and CEO of BondWave, speaks with The Bond Buyer’s Lynne Funk about how he thinks technology changes — and the data that enables those changes — will help with market transparency and make for a more efficient market overall. Michael says we are seeing people “embracing a standardized quantitative benchmark data set as a single way to address mark-up, fair pricing, best execution, & TCA.”
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