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March 2020

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Think Advisor logo linking to article titled TradePMR Enhances Custodial Platform for RIAs: Portfolio Products which includes BondWave's press release on our Q1 Enhancements.
TradePMR Enhances Custodial Platform for RIAs: Portfolio Products
3/16/2020: Wheaton, Illinois-based fintech firm BondWave made several enhancements to its Effi platform, expanding functionality and workflow customization. Effi enables fixed income traders, advisors and investors to evaluate execution quality, service and monitor accounts, as well as identify and communicate targeted trade ideas.
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Link to TabbFORUM's list of press releases which includes BondWave's
BondWave Announces Q1 Effi™ Enhancements
3/11/2020: BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today several enhancements to its Effi™ platform, expanding both functionality and workflow customization. The latest update includes advanced pre-trade price discovery, leveraging the regulatory prescribed ‘waterfall’ methodology and designed to advance users’ best execution and fair pricing processes.
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Oil market crash exposes liquidity drought in corporate debt trading
3/10/2020: The sharpest one day fall in oil markets since the 1991 Gulf War on Monday revealed familiar cracks in the corporate credit market…Paul Daley, managing director of Bond Wave, said the hefty transaction costs recorded on Monday were a reflection of how much of the trading was driven by the most vulnerable bonds, such as those listed by energy companies, with debt sold by issuers in other industries seeing few transactions.
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