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March 2021

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Friday Newsletter logo linking to BondWave's 2021 Mark-Up Disclosure Rule Checklist
BondWave’s 2021 Mark-Up Disclosure Rule Checklist
3/05/2021: Corporate Bond Friday Newsletter
As with all new regulation, the initial focus of the regulators was to ensure that firms had a process established. The recent announcement indicates there will now be a deeper analysis of those processes to ensure that they adequately address the Rule. Using the considerations outlined in the FINRA report, we have revisited our Mark-Up Disclosure Rule Checklist to help firms determine whether their current process is sufficient.
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FTF logo - Effi Best Compliance Solution Nominee 2021
BondWave nominated for “Best Compliance Solution”
Vote by 5/14/2021: 2021 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards
BondWave has been nominated in the 2021 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for “Best Compliance Solution.” The winner will be determined by popular vote, so please take a minute to scroll down to category 6 and vote for BondWave with your work email address. Votes associated with personal emails (e.g. email domains of gmail, aol, yahoo and so on) will not be counted.
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