BondWave Unveils Effi PMP Module for Mark-Up Disclosure

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PMP Oversight enhances how firms aggregate and view fixed income data

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WHEATON, IL, August 21, 2018 – BondWave LLC, a leading financial technology firm focused on fixed income solutions, announced today the launch of its new user interface option for its Prevailing Market Price (PMP) solution. Aimed at generating PMP values to support the new mark-up disclosure regulations, the PMP Trade Oversight module of Effi™ provides firms with an intuitive, visual and flexible data repository that offers access to the PMP data and ability to review and remediate exceptions.

BondWave’s PMP solution has the flexibility to generate calculations at different time intervals, providing up to eight asynchronous values for the various levels and steps in the regulatory prescribed waterfall. In addition, BondWave offers a sophisticated oversight and exception handling module which identifies trades that are subject to disclosure, flags exceptions based on client-defined criteria, provides the ability to resolve them with supervisory and compliance controls, and gives access to a range of content to support regulatory inquiries. Finally, for those trades identified as subject to disclosure, the system generates extract files for consumption by each client’s confirmation process.

Key features of the new user interface include:

  • Provides a deeper analysis and drill down into all PMP data with the ability to override and manage exceptions
  • Enables firms to validate and review data prior to confirmation generation
  • Seamless integration into Effi™, BondWave’s fixed income analytics platform
  • A sophisticated supervisory approval workflow
  • Flexible permissioning of functionality for various user groups

“PMP Oversight UI provides firms with the most transparent and intuitive solution for their PMP compliance needs. We have surpassed over 2.5 million PMP calculations and have seen our growing client base harness the BondWave platform to not only better understand their data but drive tangible insights,” said Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave. “We are committed to driving innovation in fixed income and will continue to help our clients solve the challenges associated with mark-up disclosure, best execution and transaction costs analysis. Our expansion into transaction analytics has been an exciting expansion of our capabilities,” noted Ruvo.

For more information on the BondWave PMP Oversight UI, please visit:

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