See the Bond Universe From Her Perspective

Meet Effi — BondWave’s new Engine For Fixed Income

Effi wants to show you the bond universe through her eyes. You’ll look out from the intersection of client holdings and transactions, millions of bonds, and actionable market intelligence — and see possibilities you’ve never imagined before.

We’re talking about unbiased insight powered by a comprehensive data warehouse and state-of-the-art technology. Effi will make it easier than ever before to proactively service and monitor accounts, identify and communicate trade ideas, create rules-based strategies, support client interactions, and provide trade execution insights.

Effi Does Things Your Way

These smart new tools provide fixed income traders, advisors and investors with the kind of market intelligence that has benefited the equity markets for years. And they are all available through our simple, intuitive, user interface – or via our APIs through your own proprietary systems.

You’re going to love the view.

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