EffiTM – Delivering the Change You Need.

Effi is the ultimate fixed income support system, giving you:

  • Unmatched business intelligence
  • Entirely unbiased insight
  • A spectrum of modular solutions
  • Quick, accurate access to actionable info and massive data resources

Applying science to technology

Effi brings advanced data science and the latest machine learning technology to drive enhanced intelligence about your fixed income holdings and transaction data. Effi layers our proprietary data sets and profile-based targeting capabilities onto the full range of market data, providing you with accurate, actionable market data.

Enabling proactive performance

A single platform with a simple, intuitive user interface, Effi lets you proactively service and monitor accounts, identify and communicate trade ideas, analyze transactions, and support client interactions. You will:

  • Understand your holdings completely
  • Make carefully targeted transactions with confidence
  • Enhance client relationships through intelligent insights

Securing Your Data

All Effi-based solutions can be installed behind your secure firewall or through a secure hosted platform. Effi aggregates and analyzes your in-house data while you gain secure access to critical market intelligence, with complete control.

Employing market intelligence

Now fixed income investors finally have the kind of market intelligence equity markets have used for years. And they are all available through our remarkably agile, easy-to-use digital framework—or via our APIs through your own proprietary systems.

Benefit from BondWave’s breakthrough.

BondWave customizes Effi for you, shaping your solution to fit individual users’ needs. Here are offerings that can be part of your solution.

Portfolio Analytics
& Workflow

Support and simplify portfolio
proposals, trade opportunity
mining, targeted correspondence, and
automated monitoring

Transaction Analytics
& Workflow

Analyze your executions and
compare to market transactions
to accurately assess quality
and cost


Price benchmarks, quantitative
yield curves, enriched trade
data and a revolutionary
comparable bonds engine

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