Best Execution

To accurately evaluate individual executions, you need to see the complete picture. In an ideal world, providing the best possible execution for your customers would mean comparing each trade with the entire fixed income marketplace—on both a pre- and post-trade basis.

But, realistically, who can make that happen?

Effi has the answer

Effi’s business intelligence capabilities provide a groundbreaking solution for best execution. Leveraging the prescribed waterfall methodology, Effi evaluates the full range of transaction and market data, and addresses best execution with a consistent, scientific, and quantitative approach.

This level of precision was impossible—until now

Effi’s Best Execution solution employs our industry-leading QTradesTM and QCurvesTM data to:

  • Quantitatively measure bid-ask spreads
  • Make associated “side-of-market” adjustments
  • Adjust any observations based on interest rate changes

The solution also leverages BondWave’s proprietary QScoresTM data, a comparable bonds engine driven by a quantitative, machine-learning algorithm.

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