Market Calculator

Image of the Effi Market Calculator feature in BondWave's Engine for Fixed Income (Effi)Pre-trade price confidence is key to every fixed income transaction—buying, selling and bidding any bond. By leveraging our proprietary Prevailing Market Price (PMP) calculation engine, the Effi Market Calculator provides both price confidence and execution efficiency.

The Effi Market Calculator is powered by our proprietary QTradesTM, QCurvesTM and QScoresTM data sets. This unique tool:

  • Leverages all of the advantages of our unique PMP process
  • Supports compliance with mark-up disclosure regulations effective as of May 2018
  • Includes the algorithmic measurement for side-of-market and bid/offer spread adjustments by individual security or sector
  • Provides on-demand values for up to five securities across Levels II, III, and IV of the prescribed PMP Waterfall process
  • Gives each client access to 20-plus settings to calibrate the engine to their firm’s assumptions and use cases

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