Fixed Income Proposals page in Effi showing statistics & trades, accounts, and account details.Fixed income specialists try to maximize every feasible trade opportunity. To do that, they need to create consistently accurate, detailed proposals—proposals that are on time and on the money.

That’s why people are excited about Effi’s potent Proposals capability. Effi streamlines proposal creation, making trade ideas actionable system-wide—in minutes, or even seconds. And, with Proposals, bond offerings for a buy or swap opportunity can originate from any trading partner or offering source.

Here’s how Effi’s highly-integrated, three-stage proposal process works:

1. Identify candidates
Proposals starts with an ad hoc or saved search that quickly identifies viable buy, sell or swap candidates. Effi makes virtually any conceivable search possible, across all accounts and holdings.

2. Create proposals
Effi produces account-specific information and detailed trade statistics for each candidate. Unique proposals can then be immediately generated based on those results.

3. Communicate ideas
When the proposal is done, Effi’s powerful Correspondence tool send out the final product, using your firm’s standard e-mail or messaging system (and a variety of email templates). Correspondence sends the proposal and system-generated reports for each account, along with background information, commentary or analysis material. Effi also provides a continually-updated archive of all messages and proposals sent from the system.


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