Take the guesswork out of fixed income analysis with QCurveTM — the industry’s first transaction-based yield curve assessment, from BondWave.

Finding it difficult to get a clear view of the broad bond marketplace? You’re not alone. And it’s no wonder. You’ve had to rely on qualitative yield curves which are based on surveyed opinions and associated biases. Even with 30,000+ trades reported daily, the publicly available data provides little meaningful context for price discovery without extensive manipulation. So how can you possibly be expected to determine the relative value of the securities you want to trade?

Enter QCurves — a game-changing yield-curve product based on quantitative assessments of publicly available municipal trade data from the MSRB.

Finally, bond traders and investors have what should be regarded as the indispensable foundation for decision-making in any field: clear, unbiased intelligence. Now, for the first time, you can analyze the municipal bond universe and select investments with confidence — based on your unique risk preferences — it really is that simple.

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QCurves are:

  • Quantitative – based on measurable, quantitative assessment as opposed to opinions and surveys
  • Transparent – based on observable dataset
  • Flexible – enough to provide investors with ways to navigate the murky waters of municipal relative value analysis
  • Comprehensive – reflecting 80-85% of daily trading activity
  • Immediate – curves can be created “intra-day”

QCurves empower you to identify value for either a single security or across a group of securities. Thanks to a consistent methodology, they make it easy to compare benchmarks at any point in time and identify trends over time.

So, forget about the bias and lack of transparency that have historically undermined yield curves and fixed income indices.

It’s a new day. BondWave’s got you covered — with QCurves.

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