BondWave has been applying advanced data science and machine learning to major challenges for years. That’s why we are a leader in fixed income—and it’s also why we have created QScores, another example of our commitment to delivering true fixed income transparency.

QScores identifies the most comparable bonds for every single transaction, providing a ‘closest to the pin’ calculation that is unmatched in the industry. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, QScores:

  • Profiles each transaction, in detail
  • Scans massive amounts of historical trading behavior, processing that data through our sophisticated attribute analysis engine
  • Supplies a comprehensive bond comparison for each transaction

With QScores, your firm will readily comply with regulatory guidelines regarding definition of similar/comparable bonds, aiding with mark-up disclosure and best execution.

QScores is implemented as a customizable and flexible software setting that’s part of our PMP solution and our Market Calculator.

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