Effi Reports image showing a sample fixed income analysis and optional report types such as Amortization/Accretion, Cash Flow, Next Optional Call, Exposure, Events, Redemption, Fixed Income Analysis, Unrealized Gain/Loss, and Shock AnalysisEffi provides a revolutionary new digital, interactive reporting framework. A comprehensive suite of reports can be customized and white-labeled. Whether it is an in-depth portfolio analysis, a book-of-business exposure report, or a shock analysis, information will be presented the way you want.

Digital reports can easily be exported to PDF for delivery to clients. All generated reports are accessible through the Effi Archive providing easy access for future client interactions and supporting compliance and supervisory requirements across the entire firm. When working with a portfolio, the reports provide a contextual history of generated content for that client.

Effi’s report engine is enhanced by Scheduler, a module allowing for reports to be automatically generated and delivered to the field. Scheduler’s report automation saves time and enables a proactive approach to data analysis and communication.

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