The Lab

The Lab is BondWave’s team of extraordinary, expert data scientists. Led by Paul Daley, a 20+ year veteran of quantitative research and algorithmic trading, they are master practitioners who are tasked with driving innovation.

The Lab aggressively pushes the boundaries of exploration and possibility in an electrifyingly advanced culture. The goal? To power new levels of transparency and insights for the fixed income market by innovating through data science and emerging technology.

Our scientists are change agents

The Lab is bringing new thinking to everything from monitoring, trade opportunity mining and proposal generation, to analytics and reporting, best execution, transaction cost analysis, compliance tools, and market transparency.

We focus on:

  • Intelligence—Developing next generation tools to increase transparency, facilitate insight-driven trading, and enhance business insights
  • Data analysis—Using our massive data warehouse to provide the most comprehensive market analytics
  • Data maximization—Harnessing and enhancing aggregated market and reference data, marrying it to client data and our proprietary data sets, and delivering it through a user-friendly interface to solve complex problems

The Lab’s data solutions

With these tools, you can connect to: data measuring millions of trade pairs; unique intra-day yield curve assessments; and industry-leading data sets.

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